Convenience Distribution® Magazine

Convenience Distribution® is the official magazine of CDA, owned and published by CDA. The magazine covers a wide range of topics of interest to the wholesale distributors of candy, tobacco, snacks, groceries, foodservice, general merchandise and other convenience store products, as well as to manufacturers, brokers, retailers, and others allied to the convenience products industry.

The Future of Convenience Retail (Issue 2, 2023)

This edition features an in-depth look at the future of convenience and provides forward-looking strategies for distributors looking to grow their market share. You’ll also see profiles of CDA’s Dean of the Industry Brent Cotten and three distributors that have achieved long-term success, as well as strategies for handling the labor shortage, succeeding in grab-and-go foodservice and staying on top of ever-changing tobacco regulations. And don’t miss our photo-packed coverage of the 2023 CDA Marketplace.