Convenience Distribution® Magazine

Convenience Distribution® is the official magazine of CDA, owned and published by CDA. The magazine covers a wide range of topics of interest to the wholesale distributors of candy, tobacco, snacks, groceries, foodservice, general merchandise and other convenience store products, as well as to manufacturers, brokers, retailers, and others allied to the convenience products industry.

Industry Outlook Issue (Q1, 2022)

This edition features the results of the most recent CDA Industry Outlook survey with members’ predictions of the year ahead, in addition to profiles on CDA’s 2022 chair Kellie Janssen of Henry’s Foods and Hall of Fame honoree Stephen Altman of Mountain/Service Distributors. This issue also includes detailed reports on segments key to convenience, including cigarettes, seasonal/novelty candy, meal bundles and warehouse technology. Stay in the know with the latest industry information and insight.