The InfoMetrics program is a centralized portal for the collection and processing of distributor-to-retail store sales and shipment data from participating distributors. This up-to-date data is provided to participating distributors, enabling them to make fact-based decisions regarding optimum warehouse inventory. Distributors can provide this information to retailer customers, helping them improve sales and profit by making smart product selection and category management decisions. Learn more.


Program Benefits

Distributor Benefits for Participating

CDA member distributor participants receive five reports free of charge, including their Product and Customer performance within defined time periods, which are 13 weeks, 52 weeks, Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date. Participants may also view how their categories are performing versus other participants within their respective market. The FREE reports that are included with participation are:

  1. Distributor Overview
  2. Product Information
  3. Customer Information
  4. System/Product Information
  5. System/Customer Information

Advantages to Manufacturers for Participating

Manufacturer benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Standardization of all stores and brands, mapped and coded
  • Store volume, size information and other key metrics available for sales force coverage.
  • The ability to track, execute and make payments on retail incentive trade programs.
  • A single source for Convenience channel marketplace measurement.

Contact Information

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