HIPA Survey


The Hershey Industry Performance Analysis (HIPA) Report

The Hershey Company and the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA) continue to deliver the most comprehensive financial benchmarking report in the convenience distribution industry. Thanks to the support of The Hershey Company, the detailed benchmarking information in the HIPA Report is free of charge for CDA distributor members - a tremendous value!

In return for participating, companies receive:

Industry Benchmarking Report - an industry-wide summary report profiling the financial performance of CDA members. Management commentary is provided in the reports to explain what the various statistics and ratios mean and why they are important.

Individual Company Financial Benchmarking Report - each participant will receive an individual company Financial Benchmarking Report, an interactive tool to assist in your financial planning and compare your firm with others.

Questions? Contact Kimberly Kissel or Benchmarking Analytics.

Do you need to benchmark? Yes!

Financial benchmarking equips business owners with the tools to make sense of the current environment and addresses critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy. Check out this article from Benchmarking Analytics on the value of benchmarking in this increasingly complex world.

What Members Think of the HIPA Report

Here is a video describing the HIPA Report and why members value the report.

“The CDA HIPA report is a key strategic tool that we use to analyze and benchmark how we are doing as a company. It provides valuable information in a much more efficient manner than if we were to try and capture this data ourselves.”
—Chad Owen, President, Chambers & Owen, Inc.

“This survey is one of the better ones we complete and we like that you can print the report to work on it versus a google form. We also like that we can simply attach our financial statements instead of entering in all of the data.”
—Kyle Drummond, CPA, CFE, Division Controller – Wholesale, AMCON Distributing Company

“The primary reason we started submitting data was our desire to know how we are performing in the industry and maintain our anonymity. We have been able to use confidential comparative date and improve our business philosophy and practices to improve our balance sheet and financial reports.”
—Charlie Casper, President, Hardec’s