HIPA Survey


Hershey Industry Performance Analysis (HIPA) Report 

The Hershey Company and the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA) continue to deliver the most comprehensive financial benchmarking report in the convenience distribution industry. Due to The Hershey Company's support, the detailed benchmarking information in the HIPA Report is free of charge for CDA distributor members - a tremendous value!

In return for participation, survey participants receive:

Industry Benchmarking Report - an industry-wide summary report profiling the financial performance of CDA members. Management commentary is provided in the reports to explain what the various statistics and ratios mean and why they are important.

Individual Company Financial Benchmarking Report - each participant will receive an individual company Financial Benchmarking Report, an interactive tool to assist in your financial planning and compare your firm with others.

The deadline to participate in the 2020 survey was June 1.

Questions? Contact Kimberly Kissel or Benchmarking Analytics.

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