Trade Show

February 26-28, 2024
Tampa, Florida

JW Marriott Water Street

The Marketplace Trade Show
Tuesday, February 27 | 9:00 AM - 2:45 PM

Trade Show

Marketplace’s action-packed trade show includes the top trading partners and suppliers of convenience products wholesale distributors: connecting you and your team with companies that truly matter to your bottom line. You’ll get business done quickly and efficiently with the Marketplace Lounge open throughout the trade show, and lunch right at the trade show.

Dining and Refreshments

The Dining & Refreshments area of the trade show will offer all-day refreshments and host the trade show lunch from 12:00-1:30pm.

Marketplace Lounge, Prize Drawings and the Grand Prize

The Marketplace Lounge features the Product Showcases and Trade Show Prize Wheel and is the location for the Grand Prize Drawing.

Throughout the trade show there will be numerous prize drawings, as well as the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the show, giving distributor attendees many opportunities to win. Be sure to visit the Marketplace Lounge for your chance to win. Look for the prize wheel!

Distributor attendees are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing during the trade show. The deadline to enter for the grand prize is 2:15 PM and the drawing is at 2:30 PM. One entry per person. Distributor attendees must be present at the trade show to win.

Passport to Prizes

Distributor attendees will have additional opportunities to win prizes at Marketplace by engaging with exhibitors. Distributors will be provided with a passport encouraging them to visit exhibitors and complete tasks to earn a stamp.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Tuesday, Feb 27.

Distributor attendees must be present at the Awards Dinner to win.

Sample passport (from 2023)

Show Floor

View the trade show floor plan and current participating exhibitors.


For more information, contact Jenn Finn at (703) 208-1649 or