State and Regional Associations

CDA works very closely with our state association executive directors to promote improved communication between our various associations and to facilitate lobbying efforts to all the legislative levels. CDA hosts our state executives at our annual Marketplace where participants can engage with the association on a wide variety of topics of mutual concern to our industry.

State and Regional Associations Contact List

How to Take Action on Tobacco Issues

Governments around the country—federal, state, and local—are targeting adult tobacco consumers, retailers, and wholesalers with excessive taxation and unfair policies and regulations. Help us fight for fair tobacco policies. Visit and take action today!

Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA)

The Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) has developed a uniform tobacco tax reporting initiative that promotes a more streamlined process for documenting tobacco tax and other information and submitting it to the states. For more information, visit the FTA website.

CDA launched a series of video tutorials taking members through an in-depth, step-by-step overview of the Federation of Tax Administrator’s (FTA) uniform electronic reporting initiative along with the specific technology and forms the agency is promoting nationwide. These videos, created and narrated by CDA Task Force Chair Helen Hayes (Core-Mark International), should be reviewed by employees in the distribution industry responsible for documenting tax and other information and submitting it to the states. CDA continues to widely publicize the FTA uniform electronic reporting initiative and these videos are an integral part of that effort. The concerns of all our CDA distributor member companies—large, medium and small—need to be fully and effectively addressed as this FTA initiative moves forward.


FTA Uniformity Series Video Number 1:

FTA Uniformity Series Video Number 2

FTA Uniformity Series Video Number 3

FTA Uniformity Series Video Number 4

FTA Uniformity Series Video Number 5