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It's time to challenge outdated models with a fresh new take on what it means to have Leadership Presence. Breathe life into teams and find your own sense of balance between authority, authenticity, and approachability as industry experts lead you through evidence-backed methods of creating cohesion in the workplace. Learn through:

Individual Coaching

Homework and Application

Three 2-day In-Person Workshops

Four LIVE Virtual Classes


Who should Attend?

High-Potential Employees, New Managers, and other Managers who look to
broaden their communication, managerial, financial and leadership skills should register today!

Registration has closed.
Please reach out to Angie Simonetti at angies@cdaweb.net
or (703) 208-1648 for information on future offerings.


Participants return to their workplace with:

New Perspectives
Find the opportunities within current challenges and approach them with a new set of solutions.

Growth Mindsets
Build your own personal development plan for continuous improvement with individualized feedback from your own Executive Coach.

"Found" Strengths
Gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage your own strengths as well as how to spot them in others.

Industry Best Practices
Come away with tried-and-true approaches to crafting teams, giving difficult feedback, and speaking to inspire.

Leadership Presence
Intentionally create yourself as the kind of leader that unites, elevates, and motivates teams and individuals to their highest potential at work and at home.


April 17 &18 - Dallas, Texas
  • What it Takes to Lead 
  • What Employees Want
  • Positive leadership
  • And more...                                
June 12 &13 - Atlanta, Georgia                                         
  • Goal setting: Flywheel of Success        
  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
  • How to Balance Multiple Goals Simultaneously
  • And more...                                 
August 13 & 14 - Charlotte, North Carolina                                 
  • Leverage Your Stories to Increase
  • Authenticity
  • Post-Traumatic Growth in Leadership
  • Building Meaning
  • And more...


May 3
  • Present-Centered Leadership
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Balancing life’s demands
May 31
  • Deep Insight into Your Strengths
  • Strength-Spotting
  • Strength Blindness
June 24 
  • Predictive Index – Understand
July 19
  • Your Behavioral Tendencies
  • How to lead a Difficult
  • Conversation
  • How to Recruit “A” players
  •  Learn Behavioral Interviewing skills


     Patrick Carpenter | President Gritt Business Coaching

Patrick’s 30-year career includes senior management positions with two global fortune 100 companies and international business assignments around the world.


     Tom Bagwell | Vice President, Learning & Development

Tom has 30 years sales, marketing and operations experience in senior leadership positions. Tom also is a lecturer for MBA programs at Cal State East Bay. Tom holds degrees from UC Berkeley (BA), University of Chicago (MBA), and the University of
Pennsylvania (MAPP).



      Alexa Lott | Senior Certified HR Professional

Alexa has over 25 years of experience working with large and small companies in various industries. She is also a Predictive Index Certified Partner.




     Dan Hood | GRITT Business Coaching

Dan spent the past 20 years building organizations from the ground up. Dan holds a degree in education from Missouri State University. He is a Storybrand certified guide and holds two psychology certifications.

Please reach out to Angie Simonetti with any questions.