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State and Regional Associations

CDA works very closely with our state association executive directors to promote improved communication between our various associations and to facilitate lobbying efforts to all the legislative levels.

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How to Take Action on Tobacco Issues

Governments around the country—federal, state, and local—are targeting adult tobacco consumers, retailers, and wholesalers with excessive taxation and unfair policies and regulations. Help us fight for fair tobacco policies. Visit and take action today!

Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA)

The Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) has developed a uniform tobacco tax reporting initiative that promotes a more streamlined process for documenting tobacco tax and other information and submitting it to the states. For more information, visit the FTA website.

FTA Brand Code Table

A Brand Code Table has been prepared by the FTA based on information provided to the FTA's Workgroup by the tobacco manufacturers (except where noted). To view the Brand Code Table and for more information, visit the FTA's website.