FOCUS ON FOODSERVICE: Opportunity Abounds

Why focus on foodservice? The latest CDA Industry Outlook annual survey of distributor members revealed 56% of respondents plan to expand foodservice operations. Findings also confirmed that foodservice is one of the most challenging pieces for convenience distributors. This is due in part to the considerable changes in the last year and a half due to the pandemic and questions about efficiency, delivery, refrigeration, financing, space, labor, and retailer relations.

The resources provided here are to support members in their foodservice endeavors.

What better place to learn than from CDA suppliers* listed in the Member Directory. These partnerships offer insights into maximizing category management, gaining a stronger understanding of food safety and identifying ways foodservice suppliers can help you help your retail customers.

*supplier directory available to members only


Steps to Take Now

Set your company up for success, whether it be trying something new, or improving what you are already doing.

  • Communicate regularly with retailers about their successes and challenges, including the most recent customer purchasing trends
  • Review the success of programs such as grab-and-go offerings, family meals and other food programs
  • Communicate regularly with current supplier partners about what they have that you may not already be offering
  • Assess changes in foodservice due to the covid pandemic and how are suppliers reacting to the changes through their product offerings




C-store Pizza Programs Prevail
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This foodservice offering is an important component of the profit pie.

The Foodservice Equation
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It takes a partnership between distributors and retailers to ensure foodservice success in convenience.


Food Safety Gets a Pandemic Reboot
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The industry focuses on training, cleaning and new ways of presenting favorite foodservice products.

Industry Outlook
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Among other findings, when CDA members were asked what major business operational changes they anticipate in 2021, 55% indicated they plan to expand their foodservice operations. This is the largest planned operational change noted in the survey.


Focus on Foodservice Session | 2021 Marketplace Virtual
We all know that foodservice has changed considerably during in the last couple of years, but where there is challenge there is opportunity. This session discussed how to capitalize on those opportunities no matter where your company is in the foodservice journey. In addition, this presentation addressed the importance of CDA member supplier companies, and how distributors should understand the offerings available with their supplier partners. This session was presented by Kellie Janssen, Henry’s Foods, Inc., Shawn Burcham, PFSbrands, Devin Fogleman, Dot Foods, Inc., and Bill Henry, Kellogg Company.

Click here to view this 30-minute presentation from CDMV 2021.


Foodservice Category Recap for 2021, members only content, provided by Management Science Associates (MSA)
According to this C-Metrics (52 weeks ending 11/06/2021) warehoused-delivered projected data for the convenience channel, the Foodservice category dollar sales are projected at $7.3 billion for the 52 weeks ending 11/06/21, up 16.9% vs. YAGO, while units are up 6.4%. The Top 5 segments within Foodservice are: Poultry, Sandwiches/Wraps - IW and RTE, Hot Dogs/Roller Grill, Mexican, and Pork. All of the Top 5 are showing dollar increases CYTD. The Poultry and Sandwiches/Wraps-IW and RTE sub-categories performed best so far this year with Poultry dollars being up 26% and Sandwiches/Wraps – IW and RTE being up 22.7%. Pork products performed well having a dollar increase of 21 % versus YAGO. Hot Dog/Roller Grill products also had a good year, up 17.9% and Mexican was also showing an 8.5 % dollar increase.



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