Distribution Videos On-Demand

Distribution Videos On Demand

Distribution Videos On Demand is a collection of interviews with distribution experts discussing business strategy, customer service, sales, personnel development and profitability topics. The videos were created by Randy MacLean, president of WayPoint Analytics and are free of charge for CDA members.

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Are Bad Business Beliefs Limiting Your Profitability?
Many distributors' beliefs may limit their ability to be profitable. Some of these beliefs affect one's recognizing of the importance of managing cost-to-serve.
Gross Margin Fixation
A fixation on gross margin – without looking at cost-to-serve (CTS) – has blinded countless distributors and limited their ability to achieve profitability.
Cost-to-Serve Math: Why Gross Margin May Fool You Every Time
This video by Bruce Merrifield and Randy MacLean describes why you can't rely solely on gross margin to determine profitability.
Why You Need Cost-to-Serve Modeling
Learn why cost-to-serve models are vital for your business's profitability, and how the approach has improved over the years using LIPA.
Cost-to-Serve Math and the New Paradigm
Discussion of new Cost-to-Serve (CTS) Math Training Course and why distributors will find it so useful when switching to a CTS mindset.
How Analytics Are Changing While Analytics Changes Everything
Technology in distribution has advanced to where leading companies are being propelled forward by strong analytics that connect directly to their profitability.
The Advantages of Segmentation
A discussion of the benefits of segmentation and how this approach can help distributors achieve far greater levels of profitability.
How Customer Segmentation Unlocks Hidden Profits
Bruce Merrifield of WayPoint Analytics teaches the importance of customer segmentation and the insights it can offer your distribution company.
A WayPoint Client and Whale Curve Success Story
Learn how this distributor was able to massively ramp up its profitability even as it lost many of its customers.
Wholesale/Distribution Basic Math
Randy MacLean talks about the little-known real math behind profit production in a distribution business.
Exec Briefing 1: Tilting the Playing Field (The Strategy)
Randy MacLean discusses a strategy to shift the profits in the market to your own company.
Exec Briefing 2: Tilting the Playing Field (Action)
Randy MacLean discusses the secret to sustainable profitability and lays out a proven 6-step strategic road map that will help you take your competitors down.
Exec Briefing 5: Identifying High-Potential Accounts
Randy MacLean demonstrates how you can change the nature of your profit line by identifying highly leverage able profitable and unprofitable accounts.
Where Does Your Business Really Make Its Money?
In this 33-minute video, Randy MacLean of WayPoint Analytics shares some of the most important secrets and techniques for evaluating and measuring profit.
How Money is Made in Wholesale Distribution
Randy MacLean shares his analysis of over $65B of distribution business to help others shed incorrect assumptions about how to make money.
Using Big Data to Find the “Why” Behind Profitability
What is big data and how can it be used to improve profits? Brent Grover and Randy MacLean sit down to discuss big data's effect on distribution pricing.
Triaging Customers and Setting Priorities to Increase Profit
See how having a solid service strategy, and putting your energy into the clients that really matter, can boost profit performance.
Achieve Massive Gains in Profitability with Line Item Analytics
Answers to common questions that arise when wholesale distribution companies are considering the benefits that WayPoint Analytics can provide.
The Distribution Customer's Profitability Journey
Once you are armed with your estimated operating profit or profit equation, Bruce Merrifield of Merrifield Consulting demonstrates how you can push forward and make big, truly bold profitability changes.


Track Selling: Understanding Buyer Motivations
Ron Holm, Trainer for Max Sacks, and Randy MacLean focus their discussion on Track Selling and the basis of this effective and powerful sales training program.
Is the Sales Coverage Mindset Hurting Your Business?
Outdated sales practices - particularly an over-emphasis on sales coverage – are likely hurting your business.

Mastering the Penetration Element of the Sales Process
The penetration element of the sales process focuses on existing customers and penetrating their businesses more deeply.

Using the Power of Track Selling to Get to Yes
Randy MacLean discusses the process behind Track Selling with Ron Holm of Max Sacks Int'l, and why this science and psychology-based method is so.

Prioritizing Your Customers
A discussion of the perils of a cookie cutter approach when it comes to sales and service in the wholesale distribution industry.

Getting Your Salespeople to Negotiate Smarter
Using the negotiation process to achieve CTS savings, allowing you to offer your customers lower prices while leaving the table with a larger profit.
Why Big Data Matters
Dirk Beveridge talks about the importance of using "big data" in driving sales activities to where they'll get the best returns.
Why You Should Sweat the Small Deliveries
A discussion on how little extras can sometimes add up to a lot of infrastructure cost in wholesale distribution companies.

Why “Superman” Sales Managers Are Bad for Business
Talented salesmen and saleswomen who are promoted to sales management positions may be limited in their effectiveness as a manager, Dirk Beveridge.
Changing Sales Strategy Using LIPA
Randy MacLean talks about the emergence of a new sales strategy.
Good Structures: What Makes a Good Sale?
Learn why distributors can't simply rely on gross margin when determining whether a sale will add to the bottom line.
The Sales Process
A powerful testament to the value of sales training. Does your company have a training process in place?
Reward Yourself
Ron Holm of Max Sacks talks about one of the most important base principles of a rewarding and fulfilling sales environment - reward yourself.

Building Trust with Potential Customers
How to communicate with millennials, how to hire millennials, and how to understand the millennial generation's educational process, and value system.
How to Increase Account Retention Through Customer Audits
Account audits are a powerful technique that gives distributors insights into their best accounts forming strong relationships and reducing transaction friction.
Raising the Bar with Customer-Focused Sales
Learn best practices that distinguish the great distribution companies from the merely good companies. Learn why detailed analytics can create a stellar company.

Translating Information into Sales Action
Improving the capabilities of your sales force with the powerful combination of line item analytics and use of the Track Selling system.

Business Strategy

Secret to Successful Strategy Implementation
Randy MacLean and Brent Grover discuss the secrets to successfully implementing a new strategy within a distribution organization.
To Thine Own Infrastructure Be True!
B. Merrifield and R. MacLean discuss why distributors shouldn't try to replicate competitors' formulas when they don't have the infrastructure to support it.
Putting Together a Proper Business Model
Randy MacLean and Benson Garner discuss the concept of a Business Model Canvas for business model planning.

Surviving & Thriving with Amazon Supply
AmazonBusiness poses a serious threat to distribution businesses who don't have these strategic elements in place. How to remain untouched by AmazonBusiness.
The Coming Impact of Amazon Supply has maybe the best logistics capability in the world, which doesn't mean that AmazonSupply has to be a threat to the wholesale distribution industry.
The Language of Success
Your employee's understanding of how your company works directly impacts their ability to contribute. Learn how in this video featuring Bruce Merrifield.
Are You Still Using Yesterday’s Business Model?
Chronically unprofitable business units are easily, quickly and permanently corrected by creating a completely thought-out business model.
Using the Whale Curve to Manage Your Inventory
How a whale curve can be used to more effectively manage your stockroom and even help how you sell items.

The Rule of 1 to 10
Bruce Merrifield and Randy MacLean discuss how the Rule of 1 to 10 helps you understand something enough so that you can teach it.

Common Mistakes in Business Model Creation
In this 11-minute video, Benson Garner of the Innovation Principle discusses the importance of mapping your business model and common mistakes.
Business Models Need Frequent Review
Why it's vital that executives and managers learn about business modeling and value propositions.

Getting Ahead of Competing Businesses
Creating your value proposition and using it to set your distribution company apart from your competition will allow you to differentiate your company.

Digital Marketing for Distribution
Digital marketing has become an absolute necessity for wholesale distributors. Learn how your website can not only generate leads but also pre-qualify them.

Supply Chain Management: The Just-in-Time Overshoot
R. MacLean and B. Merrifield discuss the evolution of the supply chain and how some companies have gone overboard with just-in-time delivery.
The Secret to Buying or Selling a distribution Company
In this interview, Brent Grover discusses what you need to know if you plan on acquiring other distributors or eventually selling your own company.
Triage Customers & Set Priorities to Increase Performance
Randy MacLean, President of WayPoint Analytics, and Bruce Merrifield, Vice President of WayPoint, sit down for a talk about the issues and opportunities, tactics and strategies for increasing profit performance in distribution companies.
 A Two Step Strategy for Being Number One in Distribution
In this video, Bruce Merrifield, Vice President of WayPoint Analytics, turns the tables on Waypoint President Randy MacLean, and asks Randy to strategize on how to beat the competition.

How Distributors Should Rethink Their 2017 Sales Growth Plans
Are Your 2017 Sales Growth Plans guided by dated assumptions? In this 7 minute video, Bruce Merrifield discusses some long standing assumptions that many businesses rely on year after year. One of the oldest is that all expenses are fixed. Another is that incremental new sales and gross margin dollars flow through to profits and earn more rebates at year end. Here, learn to update your sales growth assumptions.
Strategic Pricing with Brent Grover
Pricing is an important aspect of profitability. Here, Randy MacLean of WayPoint Analytics and Brent Grover of Evergreen LLC discuss intelligent pricing - ways of making sure that you’ve got the right price on each product for each customer every time.
Creating, Managing, and Measuring Your Strategy
Successful leaders know that strategy is fluid. It flows with changes in the marketplace, yet remains focused on the end goal. Take 10 minutes to listen in as Randy MacLean and Margaret Reynolds, principal of Breakthrough Masters, present examples of leadership teams and executives who are standouts at leading their companies and obtaining outstanding results.

Customer Service

Create Customer Loyalty Using Satisfaction Surveys
While many companies today focus on leads and conversion, according to Dr. Hurlbert, customer retention is just as important to your success!
Tracking Satisfaction with Your Customer Service Program
Brandy MacLean and Jeanne Hurlbert discuss the topics of tracking satisfaction with your customer service program, and how important this is to referability.
The Benefits of Concierge-Level Customer Service
Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert explains how customer service presents a huge opportunity and competitive edge for distributors.
How to Convert Customers Using Concierge Customer Service
Concierge customer service, or high-level customer service, goes beyond being nice to customers and is very focused on how to solve customers' problems.
How Concierge Service is a Strategy for Profitability
Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert of Hurlbert Consulting Group discusses concierge level customer service with Randy MacLean, and how this can be a strategy.
The Simple Math of Concierge-Level Customer Service
Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert and Randy MacLean address the perceived cost of concierge-level customer service.

Personnel Development

Repetition Really is the Key to Good Learning
Bruce Merrifield discusses the value of repetition in the learning process and other strategies and tactics to ensure your training works.
Educating and Improving Your Customers
Teaching customers business skills that help their day-to-day operations and build loyalty, aid in retention, and improve profitability.
Why Leadership Development is Critical to Growth
Randy MacLean and retired Major General John Batiste discuss what business leaders can learn from the Army about internal management training.
Leadership & Personnel Empowerment
Learn how to build your team, making them more capable and self-sufficient, so they will be empowered to make the correct decisions without supervision.
The New Role of the Sales Rep
Randy MacLean and Brent Grover discuss how the sales rep role is changing and why the old role doesn't work well with modern systems.
Millennials: A Major Demographic Shift in Distribution
Randy MacLean and Brent Grover discuss differences between generations, the challenges and effect associated with recruiting Millennials.
Giving Employees Line-of-Sight Vision
Line of sight thinking is one of distribution management’s best practices. Keep the metrics in the forefront, so everyone in the company knows what to aim for.