The Annual Hershey Industry Performance Analysis (HIPA) Report Launches for Distributor Members


The Hershey Company and the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA) continue to deliver a top-tier comprehensive benchmarking report that remains a crucial key to understanding the convenience distribution financial and operating metrics.

Why complete the HIPA Survey?

  1. You will receive detailed reporting of where your company stands now; including a line-by-line analysis of both your income statement results and balance sheet.
  2. CDA is committed to ensuring participating members derive actionable information from this report – we want this to help you drive business decisions!
  3. You will receive an industry-wide summary report profiling the financial performance of CDA members.
  4. Thanks to the support of The Hershey Company, the detailed benchmarking information in the HIPA Report is free of charge for CDA distributor members who participate!

What do CDA Distributor members think?

“The primary reason we started submitting data was our desire to know how we are performing in the industry and maintain our anonymity. We have been able to use confidential comparative date and improve our business philosophy and practices to improve our balance sheet and financial reports.”
- Charlie Casper, retired, Hardec’s, and CDA 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

Here is the link to download the HIPA survey. Please note the deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 28, 2023.

Please reach out to Hannah Rice at or (703) 208-1640 with any questions.