Distributors Education Foundation
College Scholarship Program


In June 1983, The Ray Foley Memorial Youth Education Foundation was created in memory of the late National Candy Wholesalers Association executive vice president, Ray Foley. NEW in 2019, we are awarding FOUR $5,000 scholarships to deserving students

Scholarship applicants must either work for a CDA distributor member company or be the spouse, son or daughter of a CDA distributor member. 

All applicants must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program in an accredited college or university. 

*Application deadline extended to May 31, 2019*

Scholarship Winners

Carmen Carias-Romero

2018 Winner
Carmen is the daughter of Noblida Romero, Southco Distributing Co.

Brandon Bentley

2018 Winner
Brandon is the son of Barry Bentley, Eby-Brown Co.

Paige Overmohle

2017 Winner
Paige is the daughter of Daren Overmohle, Farner-Bocken Company, A Division of Core-Mark International, Inc.

Desrean Smith

2017 Winner
Desrean is the daughter of Siria Smith, Atlantic Dominion Distributors.

Kirsten Cooney

2016 Winner
Kirsten is the daughter of Barry Cooney, Core-Mark International, Inc.

Kelly Jezior

2016 Winner
Kelly is the daughter of Dennis Jezior, Eby-Brown Co. LLC.

Heather Riley

2015 Winner
Heather is the daughter of Travis Riley, The H.T. Hackney Co.

Brittany Garrison

2015 Winner
Brittany is the daughter of Rachel Garrison, Imperial Trading Co.

John Flickinger

2014 Winner

John is the son of Margo Flickinger, S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

Shira Rodman

2014 Winner
Shira is the daughter of Lori Rodman, Century Distributors, Inc.

Alexander Franklin

2013 Winner
Alexander is the son of Melissa Franklin, S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

Hailey Smith

2013 Winner
Hailey is the daughter of Keith Smith, Chambers & Owen, Inc.

Jessica Finkle

2012 Winner
Jessica is the daughter of Robert Finkle, Wustefeld Candy Co.

Connor Nystrom

2012 Winner
Connor is the son of Jerry Nystrom, Farner-Bocken Co.

Marc Herschberger

2011 Winner
Marc is the son of Linden Herschberger, McLane Company, Inc.

Coby Rodman

2011 Winner
Coby is the son of Lori Rodman, Century Distributors, Inc.

Callie Robins

2010 Winner
Callie is the daughter of Debbie Robins, Century Distributors, Inc.

Jacob Inderbitzin

2010 Winner

Jacob is the son of John Inderbitzin of Inderbitzin Distributors 

Lauren Rehm

2009 Winner
Lauren is the daughter of Scott Rehm, Florida Candy Factory,  Inc.

Jacob Houser

2009 Winner
Merchants Grocery Co.