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» Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill in Committee Vote (2/13/20)

» Hawaii: Bill to Permit Edible Cannabis Products Advances (2/13/20)

» California Bans Drug Felons in Hemp Production to Comply with Federal Rules (2/13/20)

» Massachusetts Bribery Case Could Affect Marijuana Business Licensing (2/13/20)

» Abacus Acquires Harmony Hemp for $5.5M, Boosting Retail Reach to 12,000 Stores (2/13/20)

» First Medical Cannabis Store Coming to Arkansas’ Capital (2/13/20)

» Michigan Medical Marijuana Seller Gets Prison: ‘Federal Law Has Not Changed,’ Judge Says (1/29/20)

» New Mexico Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill (1/29/20)

» New Hampshire Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill (1/29/20)

» Nevada Treasurer Trying to Cut Cash from Cannabis, but Skeptics Say ‘Closed Loop’ is Far from Solving Pot Banking Woes (1/29/20)

» More Consumers Boost Colorado’s Recreational Marijuana Market in 2019 (1/29/20)

» Cannabis Trade Group’s Report Targets Illicit Market in Response to Vaping Health Crisis (1/29/20)

» Australia Considers Allowing Some Over-the-Counter CBD Products (1/29/20)

» Tennessee Bill Would Allow Retail Sales of Marijuana (1/27/20)

» Cannabis Firms Cautiously Optimistic New York Could Legalize Adult-Use Sales This Year (1/27/20)

» Missouri Licenses 192 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (1/27/20)

» Canadian Medical Cannabis Firms Eligible for Federal Government Funding (1/27/20)

» Beyond the Dispensary: Transparency Key to Developing Consumer Trust in CBD Brands (1/27/20)

» Top Connecticut Lawmakers Announce they’re Prioritizing Marijuana Legalization in 2020 (1/24/20)

» Alaska Pot Shops to Be Among First in U.S. to Allow Consumption (1/24/20)

» California Notices Emergency Cannabis Regulations Requiring QR Code Certificate (1/24/20)

» Two Years In, California’s Legal Marijuana Businesses Struggle with Financial Woes as they Battle Illicit Market (1/24/20)

» First Cannabis Consumption Site in Illinois Gets Nod (1/24/20)

» Hemp Producers Finding Major Profits from Minor Cannabinoids (1/24/20)

» Marijuana Legalization Will Advance in Connecticut This Year, Top Lawmakers Say (1/23/20)

» Legislation to Legalize Hemp in Idaho Introduced in Senate (1/23/20)

» Mexican Lawmakers Plan to Pass Amended Marijuana Legalization Bill Before End of April (1/23/20)