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» USDA, DOJ in Talks About Real-Time Hemp Certification to Ease Transport (12/3/19)

» Lawmakers Ready to Legalize Industrial Hemp in 2020 Session (12/3/19)

» Pro/Con: Should Texas Farmers Plant Hemp in its First Legal Growing Season? (12/3/19)

» On First Day of Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales, Customers Line Up for Flower (12/3/19)

» CDC Study Found that Vitamin E Acetate is Contributing to Vaping Lung Injuries and Should Not Be Added to Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» Massachusetts Governor Shortens Vaping Ban but Signs Law Restricting Sales of Flavored Tobacco, Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» The Race is On for Recreational Marijuana Licenses in Maine (12/2/19)

» Michigan Regulators Issue Bulletin with Updated Testing and Packaging Requirements for Marijuana Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin After Sunday, Dec. 1 (12/2/19)

» Hopeful L.A. Cannabis Market Entrants Bleed Money as They Wait Again – This Time for Licensing Audit (12/2/19)

» New Jersey Governor Backs Marijuana Decriminalization Ahead of 2020 Legalization Ballot Vote (11/27/19)

» Wisconsin Governor Signs Hemp Bill Into Law, Updates State Program for Farmers, Growers and Retailers (11/27/19)

» Iowa Attorney General Tweets Reminder that CBD Products are Illegal and Unsafe (11/27/19)

» Boston Mayor Sign Marijuana Ordinance at City Hall Ceremony (11/27/19)

» Federal Addiction Treatment Dollars Off-Limits for Marijuana (11/25/19)

» MRA Emergency Rules Require New Vaping Tests, Prohibit Vitamin E Acetate (11/25/19)

» Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Can Resume Selling Vaping Products (11/25/19)

» US House Panel Passes Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill in Historic Vote (11/21/19)

» Air Force Issues Notice Banning CBD Use Regardless of Legal Status (11/21/19)

» Lawmakers Say They’ll Try Again on Hemp in 2020 (11/21/19)

» State Lawmakers Pass Nation's Toughest Restrictions on Sale of Flavored Tobacco and Vaping Products (11/21/19)

» Vote to Federally Legalize Marijuana Planned in Congress (11/18/19)

» Hemp-Derived CBD Helps Chronic Pain Patients Reduce Opioid Use, Study Finds (11/18/19)

» Support for Marijuana Legalization Increased Again in 2019, Pew Poll Finds (11/15/19)

» Oregon Bans on Both Flavored Nicotine and Cannabis Vaping Products Now on Hold (11/15/19)

» SJC Upholds Rulings Challenging Baker on Vape Ban (11/15/19)

» Washington State Regulators Issue Proposed Rules on Vapor Products, Marijuana Packaging and Labeling, and the License Application Process (11/15/19)


Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) has generated a great deal of interest in cannabis and products containing CBD, or cannabidiol. CDA aims to provide you with the latest information on legislative and regulatory activity related to CBD and cannabis through these resource pages. We will add and materials and resources here as information becomes available.

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