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» Key Senate Chairman Worries Impeachment Could Delay Marijuana Banking Vote (11/8/19)

» Medical Marijuana Patients can Buy Vape Products in Mass. Again, Starting Tuesday (11/8/19)

» Florida’s Legalize Marijuana Petitions are Short on Signatures and Time (11/8/19)

» South Dakota Governor Opposes Both Marijuana Initiated Measures (11/8/19)

» Chart: CBD Retail Landscape is Rapidly Evolving (11/7/19)

» New York State Regulators File Amendment to Allow CBD Hemp Products in Medical Marijuana Program (11/7/19)

» What Tuesday’s Elections Mean For State And Local Marijuana Reform (11/7/19)

» Inside This Florida Politician’s Mission to Make CBD Legit (11/7/19)

» Nearly 400 California Marijuana Business Licenses Suspended, Injecting Fresh Uncertainty into State’s Cannabis Industry (11/7/19)

» Federal Grand Jury Investigating Municipal Marijuana Contracts (11/5/19)

» Maine Finally Ready to Take Applications for Marijuana Businesses (11/5/19)

» South Dakota Marijuana Activists Turn In More than Enough Signatures for 2020 Ballot Questions (11/5/19)

» Consumers Research CBD More than Many Other Wellness Trends, Study Finds (11/5/19)

» Top CDC Official Suggests Legal Marijuana Regulations Can Mitigate Vaping Injuries (11/4/19)

» Mexican Supreme Court Grants Marijuana Legalization Deadline Extension (11/4/19)

» ‘No Longer a Shortage,’ Canadian Cannabis Industry Group Declares (11/4/19)

» Senate Approves Bill Protecting Medical Marijuana States from Federal Intervention (11/1/19)

» Pennsylvania Residents Want Adult-Use Marijuana but Frown on State-Run Sales (11/1/19)

» 20 Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Fail Mold and Yeast Tests (11/1/19)

» White House Signs Off on Proposed Hemp Rules from USDA (10/29/19)

» Sales of Marijuana Edibles Up in at Least Four States in Wake of Vape Health Scare (10/29/19)

» North Carolina Bill OK’d in Senate Sets Smokable Hemp Ban (10/29/19)

» Michigan Adult-Use Cannabis Market Likely Won’t Launch Until Spring (10/29/19)

» Governors Interested in Regional Approach for Vaping Rules (10/28/19)

» Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Gives Relief to Medical Marijuana Patients Vaping Cannabis Flower, but Temporary Vape Ban Stays in Place (10/28/19)

» Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Accepting Applications for Medical Cannabis Pharmacies (10/28/19)

» Bernie Sanders Plan Pledges Immediate Marijuana Descheduling through Executive Action (10/25/19)


Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) has generated a great deal of interest in cannabis and products containing CBD, or cannabidiol. CDA aims to provide you with the latest information on legislative and regulatory activity related to CBD and cannabis through these resource pages. We will add and materials and resources here as information becomes available.

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