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» Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill in Committee Vote (2/13/20)

» Hawaii: Bill to Permit Edible Cannabis Products Advances (2/13/20)

» California Bans Drug Felons in Hemp Production to Comply with Federal Rules (2/13/20)

» Massachusetts Bribery Case Could Affect Marijuana Business Licensing (2/13/20)

» Abacus Acquires Harmony Hemp for $5.5M, Boosting Retail Reach to 12,000 Stores (2/13/20)

» First Medical Cannabis Store Coming to Arkansas’ Capital (2/13/20)

» Michigan Medical Marijuana Seller Gets Prison: ‘Federal Law Has Not Changed,’ Judge Says (1/29/20)

» New Mexico Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill (1/29/20)

» New Hampshire Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill (1/29/20)

» Nevada Treasurer Trying to Cut Cash from Cannabis, but Skeptics Say ‘Closed Loop’ is Far from Solving Pot Banking Woes (1/29/20)

» More Consumers Boost Colorado’s Recreational Marijuana Market in 2019 (1/29/20)

» Cannabis Trade Group’s Report Targets Illicit Market in Response to Vaping Health Crisis (1/29/20)

» Australia Considers Allowing Some Over-the-Counter CBD Products (1/29/20)

» Tennessee Bill Would Allow Retail Sales of Marijuana (1/27/20)

» Cannabis Firms Cautiously Optimistic New York Could Legalize Adult-Use Sales This Year (1/27/20)

» Missouri Licenses 192 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (1/27/20)

» Canadian Medical Cannabis Firms Eligible for Federal Government Funding (1/27/20)

» Beyond the Dispensary: Transparency Key to Developing Consumer Trust in CBD Brands (1/27/20)

» Top Connecticut Lawmakers Announce they’re Prioritizing Marijuana Legalization in 2020 (1/24/20)

» Alaska Pot Shops to Be Among First in U.S. to Allow Consumption (1/24/20)

» California Notices Emergency Cannabis Regulations Requiring QR Code Certificate (1/24/20)

» Two Years In, California’s Legal Marijuana Businesses Struggle with Financial Woes as they Battle Illicit Market (1/24/20)

» First Cannabis Consumption Site in Illinois Gets Nod (1/24/20)

» Hemp Producers Finding Major Profits from Minor Cannabinoids (1/24/20)

» Marijuana Legalization Will Advance in Connecticut This Year, Top Lawmakers Say (1/23/20)

» Legislation to Legalize Hemp in Idaho Introduced in Senate (1/23/20)

» Mexican Lawmakers Plan to Pass Amended Marijuana Legalization Bill Before End of April (1/23/20)


Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) has generated a great deal of interest in cannabis and products containing CBD, or cannabidiol. CDA aims to provide you with the latest information on legislative and regulatory activity related to CBD and cannabis through these resource pages. We will add and materials and resources here as information becomes available.

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