Jack Daly’s Life By Design: Prioritizing Actions for a More Balanced Life
October 6 - 1 PM ET
Presenter: Jack Daly, CEO and International Thought Leader, Professional Sales Coach Inc.

All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners invest and prioritize their time and energy to build a successful business at the expense of a successful personal life. It need not be that way! In fact, many of the habits, strategies and tactics employed with the running of our businesses can be successfully applied to our personal lives. In this highly introspective workshop, we will dig deep to discover the things we value most for life, and how best to achieve and accomplish them. Several outcomes will be a more balanced life, a prioritization of actions to build a quality life along with a quality business, and a system with processes to make this an integral component of one’s life as opposed to an “event.”

Jack Daly presented at Marketplace 2022 in Tampa, Florida and we are pleased to have him back to offer new content for this webinar.

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Jack is an experienced and inspirational sales trainer and sales coaching expert, who inspires audiences to take action in the areas of sales management, corporate culture and sales training. He brings 30 plus years of field proven experience from a starting base with CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies. Jack is a proven CEO/Entrepreneur, having built 6 companies into national firms, two of which he has subsequently sold to the Wall Street firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston.