Presenter: Steve Stomel, ProCat Distribution Technologies

Labor is expensive and in short supply. One way for companies to keep up is to invest in employee performance software and systems. Watch the webinar recording where ProCat Distribution Technologies explains how to design an effective incentive program for warehouse order pickers. Distribution centers that take advantage of effective pay-for-performance plans can reap substantial benefits like improved efficiency, productivity and employee engagement.

This webinar helps wholesale distribution companies interested in exploring pay-for-performance programs understand the elements of a successful incentive program and the benefits it provides to the business.

Steve Stomel is the Founder and CEO of ProCat Distribution Technologies. Started in 2001, ProCat brings cost-effective technology to food distribution companies. The company offers 14 modular software solutions to support critical functions in the warehouse including receiving, cycle counting, order picking, loading, put-away, and replenishment. Over 200 warehouses across the United States rely on ProCat’s technology every day.

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