In partnership with AEA: Winning the War for Talent – February

Presenter: Alex Chausovsky, Director of Analytics & Consulting, Miller Resource Group

The war for talent is escalating. Some organizations are ill-prepared to handle the challenges of an increasingly complex labor market, shackled by the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Others are thriving, armed with analytical insights and surrounded by allies, allowing them to snap up highly performing “impact players” and supercharge their growth. What kind of an organization are you? More importantly, what kind do you want to be in the future?

This six-part webinar series delivers key insights designed to help business leaders and decision makers elevate their talent-focused activities.

This webinar provides a labor market update from a recruiter’s perspective. It assesses the current state of the labor force in the US, discusses the implications for companies trying to attract, hire, and retain workers in a candidate-driven market, and analyzes various talent supply and demand disruptors. It also peels back the curtain on the recruitment industry and stresses the need for partnerships.

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Alex Chausovsky, director of analytics & consulting, Miller Resource Group, is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than twenty years of expertise across subjects including economics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends. For the last two decades, he has consulted and advised companies throughout the US and Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

He has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and webinars to small businesses, trade associations, and Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. Alex is currently overseeing a suite of analytics products focused on talent for the Miller Resource Group. He is also consulting with companies to help them become better at attracting, hiring, and retaining the impact players in their industry.