'Social Sourcing' Program from We Card

WeCard We Card is rolling out a new program to address the problem of “social sourcing” of tobacco and vaping products (adult purchases on behalf of those underage.) CDA is a founding board member of the We Card Program and strongly supports this new effort. We are asking you to help spread the word utilizing your resources.

For many years now, retailers have improved compliance with age-restricted product laws (to 80-90%) while “social sourcing” - the gifting, proxy purchase by another, or transfer from one to another, such as “bumming” or “borrowing” - continues to rise unchecked.

CDA Distributor members can help drive retailer participation in this industry-wide campaign by encouraging your retail customers to order a FREE Kit of campaign materials for use in-store by going to

CDA strongly urges your company to get-the-word-out to your retail accounts by utilizing these turnkey Distributor Campaign Support Resources by taking these actions:

Please contact Kimberly Bolin with any questions.