Participate in the 2022 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Study

CDA invites you to participate in the 2022 Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey. This study will help you understand how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare to other distributors/wholesalers. As a member of CDA, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to compare your operations to 1,000+ organizations from 20+ participating distributor/wholesaler associations.

This report can be used to answer key questions such as:

  • Are you leading, matching, or falling below the market in terms of your compensation offerings?
  • How are companies attracting and retaining employees?
  • What are the top concerns/pressures you are facing?
  • Is your turnover rate comparable to what others are experiencing?
  • How long does it take to fill an open position?

The Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report answers these questions and more! Visit the CDA website for more information and click here to participate today. The deadline for participation is March 1, 2022.