Administration Announces Plan to Send Free COVID Test Kits

The White House is finalizing plans to deliver 500 million free COVID-19 test kits to households across the country. The administration will launch a website where individuals can sign up for the test kits and rollout is expected by mid-January. The Post Office is negotiating with its labor unions to expand its workforce to assist in the timely delivery of the kits. Demand for test kits soared as the holidays neared and people grew eager to test themselves and their families before traveling as the omicron variant spread rapidly in just a few weeks to become dominant strain in the U.S. Biden’s promise of 500 million test kits is in addition to the administration’s earlier pledge to send 50 million rapid tests to community health centers across the country. In an ironic twist, the USPS has asked for a waiver from the “vax or test” mandate.