Changes Ahead for BBB

The Build Back Better (BBB) spending package that passed the House last week will undoubtedly undergo changes before the Senate will consider it. Pressure from moderate Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, and progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders, will make it difficult for the President’s signature package to make it out of the Senate unchanged. In addition, Senate procedural rules still require the bill to undergo close scrutiny to make sure that all the provisions of the bill are allowed under the Byrd Rule, a narrow set of rules for consideration of spending legislation in the Senate.

Any change from the version passed by the House will require the bill to go back to the House. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer still says he thinks he can pass the bill in the Senate by Christmas, but the Senate calendar is crowded with must-do bills in December, putting even Senate passage of BBB in question.

CDA is working with our supplier partners to strip out the new FET on nicotine that is currently in the bill.