Negotiations on Next COVID-19 Relief Package Have Begun

On Monday, Senate Leadership released a package of legislation called the HEALS (Health, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection and Schools) Act. The $1 trillion package is the Senate’s response to the House-passed $3 trillion HEROES Act in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The bill makes changes to unemployment benefits, ending the $600 per week bonus payments, and includes liability protection for businesses – both of which are priorities for CDA members.

CDA has added its name to two letters in support of the liability protection and also urged the Senate to consider adding the FRNT LINE Act to the bill.

Negotiations between the House, Senate and White House and underway, but are off to a rocky start. Some provisions in the CARES Act, like the expanded unemployment benefit, expire at the end of the month, so while pressure to negotiate a deal is mounting, they are still miles apart.

Congress is scheduled to begin their August recess at the end of next week, but ongoing negotiations on the next COVID-19 package may delay the start of the Members’ summer break.