CDA Welcomes New Member: Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics provides C-Store Wholesale Distributors with optimized robotic automation solutions designed to improve their operational picking productivity by 4-6 times manual picking rates.

The company has experience developing tailored solutions for the c-store distribution environment and its solutions are flexible, scalable, integrate with virtually any WMS, and include an optimized mix of robots – from its mobile shelf to the mobile pallet. Implementation is easy and phased in order to minimize disruption to daily operations, and no specialized training is necessary. Customers see a dramatic increase in picking speed and reduced burden on workers in month one.

Your contact information for Prime Robotics is as follows:

Steve Hobbs, Sales Director
Prime Robotic
2650 E. 40th Avenue
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 996-1092 General; (720) 354-6894 Direct