New Laws Restricting Distribution and Sale of Electronic Cigarettes in Montgomery County, MD

In April 2020, Montgomery County, MD signed into law new bills related to the sale of e-cigarettes that will go into effect on July 3, 2020. These bills will restrict the sale of vapor products for retailers within a half-mile of an elementary, middle or high school, library or recreational facility in the county. They also signed into law Bill 31-19, prohibiting the use and possession of tobacco products or e-cigarettes by individuals under 21 (except under certain circumstances).

Bill 29-19 prohibits an electronic smoking devices manufacturer from distributing e-cigarettes to retail stores within a half-mile of any middle school or high school in the County and any retailer from selling any e-cigarettes in the same radius. Bill 32-19 prohibits an electronic smoking device manufacturer from distributing flavored e-cigarettes to stores within 0.5 miles of an elementary, middle or high school, library or recreational facility in the County. This bill allows a retailer that does not have a High School or Middle School .05 miles from them, but does have an Elementary School, Library or Recreational Facility (Parks and Playgrounds are not included), to sell non-menthol e-cigarettes.

Bill 31-19 prohibits the distribution of any tobacco product, coupon redeemable for a tobacco product, cigarette rolling paper or electronic cigarette to any individual under 21 except under certain circumstances; prohibits an individual under 21 from using or possessing a tobacco product or e-cigarette except under certain circumstances; and generally amends County law regarding smoking, e-cigarettes, and health and sanitation. Per the bill, active duty military members, at least 18 years of age, are exempt.