CDA Welcomes New Member: Mason Brothers Company

Mason Brothers is a family-owned wholesale distributor that delivers a full line of goods and services to grocery and convenience stores in six states. Featuring fresh Abby’s Bakery, Heartland Farms Case Ready Meat, Crazy Fresh produce and a fresh-from-the-plant dairy program, the company has the ability to offer stores top-notch perishables that can dramatically increase customer counts. Strong vendor-supported candy and snack lines, tobacco, deli and coffee programs, general merchandise, HBC, automotive and novelty ice cream offerings help round out our convenience store program. With a continuing commitment to technology and its strong customer service, Mason Brothers is THE correct fit for any size store.

Your contact information for Mason Brothers Company is as follows:

Wayne Schuett
222 4th Street NE, PO Box 230
Wadena, MN 56482
(218) 631-2220