CDA and MSA Renew Partnership

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the InfoMetrics program, the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA) and Management Science Associates (MSA) are pleased to announce their renewed partnership and commitment to the delivery of the InfoMetrics program.

The InfoMetrics program is a centralized portal for the collection and processing of distributor-to-retail store sales and shipment data from participating distributors. This up-to-date data is provided to participating distributors, enabling them to make fact-based decisions regarding optimum warehouse inventory. Distributors can provide this information to retailer customers, helping them improve sales and profit by making smart product selection and category management decisions.

“We are very proud of the relationship and progress since MSA took over the program," said Kimberly Bolin, CDA president & CEO. "The last year has been a review and refresh of the program through participant feedback, the addition of Tom Baldwin as the dedicated contact for distributor program participants, the renewal of the Advisory Council, and the production of a 'who, what and why' webinar. We learned during the review process that program participants needed a “Quick Start Guide” to help them in their routine usage, and that piece has been developed and deployed. The feedback from participants was extremely beneficial in mapping the program’s direction.”

Through the collaboration of all the business partners involved, the InfoMetrics program strives for continued innovation and enhancements, while continuing to promote and increase the value. We look forward to our continued relationship and encourage all distributor members to take advantage of the valuable information provided through the InfoMetrics program – such as regional benchmarking, data revenue streams, and opportunities to partner with vendors and supply chain leaders alike. For questions on the program, please contact Thomas Baldwin with MSA at (412) 924-3663 or