General Mills Awarded CDP 'A List' Awards for Climate & Water Actions

For the second consecutive year, General Mills has been recognized as a global leader in corporate sustainability by environmental impact non-profit CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), achieving a place on the CDP ‘A List’ for both climate change and water security. General Mills is one of only 10 North American companies to receive a score of “A” in both Climate Change and Water Security. The company was recognized for its actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks, develop the low-carbon economy and sustainable management of water resources based on the data it submitted through CDP’s 2019 climate change and water security questionnaires.

"Congratulations to General Mills for earning a spot on this year’s Water and Climate A Lists – they are a model for true environmental leadership,” said Bruno Sarda, president of CDP North America. “Climate change and water insecurity are undeniable business risks if unaddressed and we must transition to a low-carbon economy now to avoid the worst impacts. A List companies know sustainability presents an exciting race to the top, an opportunity to innovate and rethink business as usual, proving that environmental responsibility simply makes good business sense.” For more information on General Mills’ climate commitment and progress, visit the company’s website.