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AWMAWDSClogoThe CDA Joint-Industry Warehouse-Delivered Snack Committee aggressively promotes warehouse-delivered snacks and confections, emphasizing their value, developing effective tools for merchandising, and sponsoring research designed to help distributors increase sales and profit.  Using the results of this research developed by the Committee's expert consultants, the Committee encourages distributors to work with retailer customers to improve management of the snacks and confections categories within their stores and, thus, improve their bottom line. Warehouse-delivered snacks and confections offer this opportunity, and the Committee provides the tools to help distributors take advantage.

Committee Mission

The Warehouse-Delivered Snack Committee provides customer solutions to promote the benefits of warehouse delivered snacks and confections. These solutions provide opportunities focused in three areas: 

1. Meeting consumer demand in store 

2. Maximizing the snacks and confections categories' performance 

3. Increase retailer margin and profitability


Max Your Mix Proven Selling Power
Harmonizing Assortment Category Management Program
Distributor-Delivered Multivendor Endcap
Harmonizing Assortment is a distributor-delivered inventory program to maximize sales
of your top-performing center store SKUs. Click here to learn more.
This distributor-delivered multi-vendor endcap includes an optimized selection of snacks and candies that customers want most. Click here to learn more.

Multivendor Endcaps Deliver More Profits


This distributor-delivered multivendor endcap includes an optimized selection of snacks and candies that customers want most.  It helps maximize profits in a small space by giving sales leaders premium position and visibility. Multvendor endcap solutions can increase total snack category sales by 18.5% and gross margin by 22.3%.

To learn how to get started with MVEs, click here.

Helpful Links

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MVE (1 of 1)142w

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For more information on warehouse-delivered snacks and confections and the Joint Industry Warehouse-Delivered Snack Committee, contact Joel Brown at CDA at JoelB@CDAweb.net or (703) 208-1649.