CDA's Day on the Hill Yields Results

Since CDA members traveled to Washington for the annual Day on the Hill, the bills supported by CDA have seen an increase in the number of Members of Congress cosponsoring the legislation. Due to the requests made by staff and CDA members during the fly in, the DRIVE Safe Act in the House, HR 1374, has a total of 72 cosponsors (17 of which were added since the fly in); and the Senate version, S. 569, has 18 total cosponsors (8 of which can be attributed to the efforts of CDA and others who helped fly-ins around the same time). The bill to restrict online sales of e-cigarettes to children, S. 1253, has two new cosponsors.

Great work everyone! This should serve as a great reminder that your elected officials hear you and care about the issues impacting the convenience distribution industry. Thank you to all who have followed up with the staff and members of Congress with whom you met in May.